Joint Pain: The Top 10 Home Remedies


4: Lose Weight

weight and joint pain


In conditions like arthritis, where the joints are damaged, excess body-weight puts more strain on the joints. A slimmer body takes pressure off your painful joints and aids movement and flexibility. However, this is a vicious cycle – you’re unable to move because of your joints and that makes you put on more weight. Hence, the best way is to control your diet and lose weight. Talk to your doctor, adopt a low-cal diet and take up low-impact exercises like swimming.

5: Pectin Drinks


Pectin is a soluble, plant-derived carbohydrate. It helps cell-wall cohesion and is used to set jams. It aids pain-management because it promotes elasticity and lubrication in the joints. It also regulates inflow and outflow of fluid in joints. 1Tbsp of pectin taken in a glass of juice, milk or water daily provides relief. Arthritis-sufferers can enhance pectin’s action by taking it with grape-juice which has anti-inflammatory properties. Liquid pectin is available under several brand-names.

Have you tried taking pectin before?

6: Assistive Assistance


Simple assistive devices like canes or splints provide support and strength to painful joints. They also help you to remain mobile by redistributing your weight in such a way that the painful joints don’t bear the body-weight completely. Reduced pressure is useful in degenerative joint diseases and can slow down the process. These devices are specially useful for hip and knee pain.
Talk to your health-care provider about getting a suitable assistive device to give relief from pressure on your joints.