Acid Reflux? Stay Away From These 10 Foods!


4: Tea Troubles



All kinds of tea – green, white, black, herbal, decaf – cause acid reflux symptoms. This is true of all caffeinated beverages so it’s best to avoid tea if you’re diagnosed with GERD. Try this solution – maybe very small portions separated by a large time-gap. This seems to work for some acid reflux sufferers who hate the thought of giving up their cuppa altogether.

Have you had to give up your favorite brand of tea because of acid reflux?

5: No Java


Life without coffee? For those who need their mornings jump-started with a strong, sweet dose of caffeine, this may seem like the pronouncement of a death sentence. But coffee and other caffeinated beverages trigger off strong acid reflux symptoms that last for hours.

Try drinking smaller, less-strong portions and invest in a set of tiny coffee-cups! And don’t go anywhere near Starbucks! What about soda? Iced tea? Perish the thought!

Would giving up coffee make a big difference to you?

6: Broccoli


Broccoli has earned great name and fame as a superfood, but it’s also a gas-producing veggie that can cause indigestion. It falls into the category of soluble fibers that doesn’t break down till it hits the large-intestine, where it causes gas because of its raffinose (a gas-producing sugar) content. So if you hate broccoli, rejoice! But if you love it for being a healthy friend to weight-watchers, think of another substitute.

As an acid reflux sufferer, is grocery-shopping more difficult?