A 14-Step Quit Smoking Timeline


Sure, you’ve thought about quitting. Who hasn’t? But smoking is a physiological and psychological addiction that affects not just your health but also that of those around you. It’s important to analyze the reasons why you smoke: stress-management, weight-control, confidence-boosting, gives you something to do… there are any number of them. Once you figure out your underlying compulsion, it makes it easier to deal with the reason directly rather than the addiction. How your body reacts to the quitting process is important. Did you know that you start feeling the benefits just 20 minutes after you quit?

Read on to know more about the Exit Timeline…

1: Twenty Minutes Later

Young woman measuring heart rate after running


So you’ve just finished your last cigarette? Congratulations! Though an overwhelming feeling of panic hits you, take heart. Quitting provides almost instant benefits. Just 20 minutes after the last “coffin-nail,” your heart-rate begins to stabilize, while your blood-pressure, pulse-rate and temperature of hands and feet becomes normalized. The trick to quitting and staying quit is to take small baby steps, one at a time and imagine yourself smoke-free, in the present, right now!

Did you know that there are immediate short-term benefits?