23 Best-Kept Secrets from the World’s Top Trainers


4: Think High But Stay Grounded



Being realistic is a key to achieving your fitness goal. Don’t set expectations so high that you’re bound to fail. Understanding yourself, your limitations and your life-style are very important while setting goals.

If you have a special event coming up that you want to look your best for, ensure that you give yourself enough time and pick a goal that’s achievable and smart. Failure and disappointment can prevent you from trying again.

How realistic and achievable are your goals?

5: Love Is All It Takes!

Mother baby training

Continuing with the theme of emotional connect, find something in your routine that you love. If you’ve tried a particular regimen and you simply hate it, it’s never going to work. Creating an individualized exercise program takes a bit of time, effort, patience and insight. Don’t go by fads, quick-fix promises, opinions of friends or even trainers.

Include doing things that you enjoy and give you that endorphin rush and trigger positive feelings and you’ll never miss a day’s work-out.

6: Ditch “Fat Burning Zone” And Other Compulsions


Sure you need to know how many calories you’re burning. Worried about remaining in the fat burning zone during work-outs? Does this fat burning zone even exist?

Many endurance athletes and marathon runners use these slower or steady-state aerobics routines to build up stamina – that doesn’t mean you can lose weight. Focus instead on the total calories burned during a 24-hour period and caloric expenditure and getting your metabolism cranked up.

Are you hung-up on the Fat Burning Zone?