23 Best-Kept Secrets from the World’s Top Trainers


Maybe you’ve got the idea that weight-loss and fitness are some kind of magical mystery tour! All those diets and exercise plans that you followed so diligently were either ineffective, or the scales simply swung right back in a couple of months. Despair not – there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

You need to crack the secrets of weight-training, navigate gym equipment, stick to your goals and get the best advantage from workouts.

Read on – These are things that expert trainers can help you with – stuff to keep you motivated, energized and on track with your weight-loss program.

1: Be An Early Bird



Not all of us are the “rise and shine” types, but there’s a lot to be said for morning exercise. It jump-starts your metabolism and keeps the calories burning through the day, providing energy and brainpower. Making it a habit regulates the endocrine system and circadian system. Top trainers recommend morning-workouts as they give you more flexibility and you’re less inclined to skip them compared to evening schedules.

Are you a morning person who enjoys AM rather than PM exercising ?

2: The Two-Day Rule

2 day rule

We all lead busy lives that involve travel or meeting hectic deadlines and exercising is usually the first casualty. Expert trainers recommend that you never go for two days without exercising.

This keeps your mind and body focused and on schedule. Make time to use hotel gyms, pools, do a 30-minute workout in your hotel or guest-room or go for a brisk walk.

Share one of your own exercise rules with us that keeps you on track wherever you find yourself.

3: The Emotional Connect

emotional connect

There are very few people who truly enjoy exercise for its own sake. If you aren’t one of those lucky ones, it’s important to build an emotional connection with the routine, otherwise it becomes a chore, making it that much easier to play truant.

So find something to feel connected to – your exercise group, gym friends or instructors, a particular work-out regimen, music, a fitness video – that gives you a motivational boost.

What’s your emotional connect to exercising?