22 Little-Known Facts About Migraine


3: There’s No Age Limit!



Migraine can strike at any age, though most sufferers experience their first attack in adolescence. 90% people have their first attack before the age of 40. There are reports that attacks reduce in the 50s-60s, but there are people who suffer migraines well into old age. It’s rare for migraines to make a first appearance in late life, but they’re not unknown. The symptoms and manifestation could change and pose a challenge for management.

If you’re sufferer, do you remember the first experience?

4: It’s Nothing New!


Hippocrates described the symptoms 3000 years ago, in one of his verses, complete with classical symptoms – aura, one-sided pain, vomiting! Galen first used the term “hemicrania” in the 2nd century, while the 17th century father of modern neurology, Thomas Willis gives detailed descriptions of migraine sufferers and their symptoms.

While 20th century theories swung between “psychosomatic” and “stress” causes, we’re still as far from knowing migraine and its triggers as our ancestors were, and we’re little wiser about dealing with it!