17 Surprising Strategies To Lose Weight Without Dieting!


4 : Japanese Management



Try hara hachi bu! Before you think that’s some exotic oriental concoction, here’s the lowdown. Okinawa residents have an 80:20 rule – meaning they eat till they’re 80% full and so they serve themselves about 20% less! In fact, you wouldn’t even miss this amount if you practice the 20 minute timer rule alongside.

The Okinawa diet is also rich in seasonal veggies, whole grains, legumes and fish, with smaller portions of lean meats.

Would this be a good plan to try?

5: Burn Off A Few


If intensive work-outs and high-energy exercises are not your thing, despair not! If you’re consistent about some daily, regular form of exercise, however mild and moderate it is, you’ll surprise yourself when you get on the scales. Sync your body-clock by getting outdoors early in the mornings.

Low-impact walking/gardening: 20 mins
House-cleaning/gardening: 30 mins
Light jogging: 10 mins

Additionally, take the stairs, walk your dog, stroll down to the market – all great fat-busters. Share some of your own with us.

6 : Home Truths


Grabbing that mayo-laden sandwich or those sugary doughnuts on the run could be the reason why your weighing-scale refuses to budge! It’s tempting to order in when you’re tired after a hard day’s work. But eating home-cooked meals is one of the top reasons for consistent weight-loss. Brown-bag a simple, natural, fresh lunch, store basics, family-favorites, easy soups, salads and fruit in your fridge and enjoy cooking for yourself and the family!

Do you find preparing home-cooked meals a chore?