17 Surprising Strategies To Lose Weight Without Dieting!


Summer’s here and it’s vacation time! We all want to look slim’n’trim in our holiday-wear. Or we need to drop a few pounds for health reasons.

Dieting has been advocated since the 18th century by physicians as a sure-fire weight-loss method. There are thousands of fad-diets and quirky programs floating around, ranging from Stone Age diets to liquids/fruit/veggies/exotic grains diets, menus based on your blood group or zodiac sign! Cutting down on calories certainly helps, but keeping the lost weight off is the real villain.

Try shifting your focus instead on making minor changes, adopting smarter eating/cooking practices for better, more sustainable results.

1: Sleep It Off



Paradoxically, nothing like a good night’s sleep to keep the pounds off! People who are well-rested rely less on sugary lattes to perk them up, they’re more energetic, less depressed or likely to turn to comfort-eating, they make better food decisions and are able to avoid late-night snacking.

Sleep-deprivation triggers hunger hormones, signaling your body to eat, while stress-hormones like cortisol are released, compelling the body to hang on to fat in case of “fight or flight” situations.

Do you get your 8 hours?

2: Time It Right


Tune into the hunger and fullness cues that your brain sends out. Fullness signals are sent out by the brain’s hypothalamus approximately 20 minutes from the time you start eating. But if you’re wolfing down your T-bone steaks, buttery veggies and creamy desserts like there’s no tomorrow, you’re in fact cheating your brain! And piling on the pounds.

So get yourself a timer and stretch out your salads, smoothies and low-cal foods!

Have you tried eating more slowly?

3 : Eating Out Tactics


Celebrations, special events and family occasions are the bane of dieters. You need to socialize too and not make a big deal of your diet in public. Use these smart schemes while eating out:

• Share plate-meals with a friend
• Order a side-salad/appetizer/child’s meal to fill up
• Discreetly doggie-bag half the meal before starting
• You don’t have to clean your plate
• Share dessert with a dieting buddy

Share some of your own tips and tricks that you use while eating out.