11 Indications That You Could Have Type 2 Diabetes


4: Weight Loss

weight loss or diabetes prevention and treatment overweight diet for diabetic adults and children dieting helps fighting this sickness


Unexplained/unintentional weight loss is a warning sign that can be missed when diabetes strikes. In middle adulthood, weight is relatively stable and a few pounds gained or lost occasionally is normal, but significant and persistent weight loss not attributable to dieting/exercising/disease could signal diabetes.

Insufficient insulin prevents the body from receiving the blood-glucose required for energy, leading to burning of stored fat/energy, resulting in weight loss. This can pose a risk to the kidneys.

See your doctor about inexplicable weight loss.

5: Frequent Need to Urinate

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Polyuria or the urge to urinate frequently needs to be investigated. Passage of more than 3 liters of urine a day is one of the main symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

When blood-glucose levels rise, the body reacts by attempting to remove it via the kidneys, leading to frequent, large-volume urination. If your urination seems excessive, different from normal throughout the day and it interrupts your sleep, consult your doctor.

Do you experience the need to drink water and pee frequently?