11 Indications That You Could Have Type 2 Diabetes


Most people discover that they have Type 2 Diabetes purely by chance! They’d have consulted a doctor for blurred vision, recurrent yeast infections or persistent tiredness, and been diagnosed with diabetes after routine blood-tests. Clear signs/symptoms are difficult to pinpoint. Research indicates that people may have had the condition for as long as ten years before getting a definite diagnosis! This is a matter of concern – not only does diabetes shorten life-expectancy, it also increases risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, amputation, loss of vision, kidney-failure, Alzheimer’s etc.

Read on to know the main signs and symptoms of diabetes to watch out for.

1: Unusual Thirst

Thirsty Girl Drinking Water After Doing Lots Of Aerobics Exercise


Though this is not a common symptom, excessive and unusual thirst has been observed as one of the signs of diabetes. It may happen gradually, so that people are unable to gauge whether their thirst has increased or not. T

hirst increases because of glucose hyper-concentration in the bloodstream, and one of the main concerns in diabetes is the risk of dehydration.

Have you noticed that you’re drinking much more water and yet you seem to be feeling thirsty all the time?

2: Constant Hunger

Woman eating cereal

In diabetes, the sugar from your food-intake remains in the bloodstream. The body is unable to get the essential energy that sugars provide and in turn continues to demand food that would supply energy.

Constant hunger or polyphagia is unusual because eating doesn’t give satisfaction and no feeling of fullness. Uncontrolled eating adds to the already high levels of glucose in the bloodstream, which doesn’t get converted to energy due to insulin resistance.

Check with your doctor if you’re constantly hungry.

3: Blurred Vision


Loss of sharpness of vision and blurry images are a very common symptom of diabetes type 1. It may affect one or both eyes and occur occasionally or frequently.

High blood-glucose causes the fluid to be drawn out from the eyes, leaving them dry, making focusing harder. Sudden blurred vision problems and eye pain are strong symptoms of diabetes and should not be ignored, as it can result in serious risk to vision.

Talk to your doctor immediately for blurred vision.