10 Absolute No-No Foods For Cholesterol Watchers


4: Ice Cream, You Scream!



Summer’s here and it’s tempting to serve ice-cream as dessert or eat a bowlful when the temperature rises.

Though cholesterol is found mainly in animal products, the dairy-content of ice cream puts it high on the list of foods to avoid. A serving-size of 3.5oz packs 45mg cholesterol, with flavored ice cream containing even more. Fat-free alternatives are available, made from skimmed milk but make sure that cream is not one of the ingredients and go easy on the toppings.

5: Yoke That Egg

egg yolk

Eggs have had bad press for a very long time. Most of us know that too much egg/egg-yolk doesn’t do us any good. But did you know that raw egg-yolk contains 1085 mg per 100g serving making it one of the #1 avoidable food for cholesterol-watchers.

If you love eggs, discard the yolk and make do with the whites. There’s very little loss of flavor.

Has your doctor told you to watch out for egg-yolk in cakes, cookies or other dishes?